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Seeing clearly requires more than just 20/20 vision.

We treat learning related vision disorders and provide sports vision training to improve performance.
Vision Therapy

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Based on the foundation of decades of proven clinical research, Vision Therapy can be used to treat a multitude of disorders as well as improve an athlete’s visual processing to a more elite level.

Who We Are

We help people of all ages overcome vision challenges and achieve their full potential. Our experienced vision therapists empower you to see and live better.

What We Do

We empower people of all ages to see better and achieve their full potential through personalized vision therapy programs... and brighter lives.

How We Do It

Through interactive exercises and activities, we retrain your brain to process visual information more efficiently, improving visual skills for everyday life.

Vision Therapy Experts: Our Story at the Vision Processing Institute

Our story began with a passion for helping people see beyond limitations. We, the Vision Processing Institute, are a team of dedicated vision therapists who believe everyone deserves the chance to experience life to the fullest. We see firsthand how vision difficulties can hinder reading, focus, and coordination, impacting daily activities and self-esteem. That’s why we offer personalized vision therapy programs, designed to retrain the brain and unlock a world of possibilities. Witnessing the joy and empowerment on our patients’ faces as they overcome vision challenges is what truly fuels our mission.

What is Vision Therapy

What is Vision Therapy

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What We Treat

What We Treat

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Vision and Learning

Vision and Learning

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Typical vision screenings miss at least 50% of vision problems.

Signs & Symptoms of disorders

1 in 4 students have a vision problem Manifested in a Reading Difficulty significant enough to impact their learning

25% of children have vision problems that hinder their learning, even if they seem to see clearly. These undetected issues can make reading difficult, focusing a struggle, and overall schoolwork frustrating. Early detection and vision therapy can make a world of difference in a child’s educational journey.

Signs & Symptoms of disorders

The Vision Therapy we provide the proper treatment through visual processing to relieve the symptoms by treating the actual cause of the problem.

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Sports Vision Training

Imagine a batter squinting at a fastball, or a soccer player misjudging a cross. These struggles highlight the importance of visual skills in sports. Sports vision training goes beyond eyesight. It tackles how the brain processes visual information. Through targeted drills and exercises, athletes train their eyes to track objects quicker, improve depth perception, and enhance hand-eye coordination. This translates to sharper reflexes, better anticipation, and ultimately, a significant performance advantage.

Utilized by professional athletes and countless Division 1 teams, Sports Vision Training can increase reaction time, peripheral awareness, and several other visual skills.

Recognizing the movement, spin, or the detail can mean the difference in determining if you hit the ball or avoid suffering a concusion as you get hit by a linebacker.

Experiencing Concussion Vision Problems?
Still Struggling Months to Years After a COVID Infection?

Concussions, COVID infections, strokes, and other brain injuries can cause lasting visual disorders including binocular vision disorder (aka BVD) that change your life, interfere with returning to work or school, and halt you in your tracks.
Vision Therapy can treat the disorders and provide real recovery.
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Up To 75% Of All Patients With Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) Suffer From Visual Dysfunction

These problems can manifest as blurry vision, double vision, difficulty focusing, and eye strain. Vision therapy offers a powerful tool for managing these symptoms. This personalized program retrains the brain to process visual information more effectively, leading to improved visual skills and greater independence for TBI patients. (AOC link)

We have equipment that is FDA approved, clinically proven to provide results, and used by the Pros.

Our equipment compares to normals, records baselines, and tracks progression so you can see your success and we can continue to improve your results

Eye Tracking Technology

Virtual Reality

3D Programs

Touchscreen Equipment

Leading The Way In Visual Processing and Vision Therapy

Successful therapy requires 2 main things

Your Vision. Your Journey. Our Expertise in Visual Processing and Vision Therapy

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