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At the Visual Processing Institute, our vision therapy team embodies kindness, compassion, and unwavering dedication. They understand that vision challenges impact more than just eyesight, which is why they create personalized treatment plans to address the root causes of difficulties. Our team’s commitment to improving the well-being of every patient is evident in their warm approach and unwavering support.

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Our Vision & Goal

Empowering individuals to overcome vision-related challenges and achieve their full potential through personalized care and transformative solutions.

The primary goal of visual processing is to enhance how the brain efficiently gathers, interprets, and utilizes visual information. This goes beyond simply seeing clearly and focuses on the complex interplay between the eyes and the brain. This is done through our process:

Pinpointing Specific Weaknesses:
Our comprehensive assessments don't just check eyesight. We carefully evaluate individual visual processing skills such as eye teaming, focusing, tracking, visual memory, and visual-motor integration. This identifies exactly where breakdowns in visual processing are occurring.

Targeted Therapy Activities:
Each vision therapy program is designed like "brain training" for the eyes. The specific exercises and activities we select directly address the underlying visual processing weaknesses, strengthening the brain's ability to process visual information more efficiently.

Progress Monitoring and Adapting:
We don't follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Regular progress assessments ensure the therapy program is effective. Adaptations are made as needed to maximize results.

our Mission

Diagnose and Treat Vision Challenges:
Our core mission is to accurately diagnose complex vision-related problems that impact learning, development, and performance. We use comprehensive assessments, specialized eye exams, and in-depth patient history to uncover the root cause of difficulties before designing effective vision therapy programs.

Preventative Approach and Ongoing Support:
We emphasize proactive solutions, empowering families to recognize signs of vision problems. Our goal is to provide early intervention and ongoing support, preventing challenges from worsening and allowing individuals to reach their full potential.

Patient Education and Collaborative Care:
We believe in empowering patients and families through a collaborative approach. We thoroughly explain diagnoses, treatment plans, and expected outcomes, encouraging active participation in the vision therapy journey.

Improved reading fluency, Better comprehension, Enhanced focus in school, Reduced eye strain, Stronger hand-eye coordination, Sharper vision, Reduced headaches, Improved computer vision, Enhanced athletic performance, Greater independence in daily activities, Blurry vision (near/far), Double vision, Eye tracking problems, Visual field loss, Poor hand-eye coordination, Depth perception problems, Trouble processing visuals, Focusing difficulties (near/far), Visual memory/attention issues, Difficulty distinguishing objects, Spatial problems, Visual neglect, Visual fatigue, Light sensitivity, Reading headaches, Vision-triggered dizziness, Scanning difficulties, vision therapy, visual processing, child vision, eye care
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We are Trusted, Innovators, and Leaders in Vision Therapy

Choose us for a transformative vision therapy experience. As innovators and leaders in the field, we offer cutting-edge assessments to identify the root cause of your vision-related challenges. Our personalized programs retrain the brain-eye connection, leading to lasting improvements in learning, performance, and overall well-being.

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