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What is Visual Processing Disorder (VPD)? Understanding the Symptoms

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Your Vision is Fine, But Something’s Not Right: Discover Visual Processing Disorder (VPD) Visual processing goes far beyond simply seeing clearly. Our brains have the complex job of interpreting and understanding the visual information our eyes send them. This involves tasks like sorting shapes, recognizing letters, understanding spatial relationships, and seamlessly guiding our movements. When […]

Unlocking Learning Beyond Memorization: The Role of Visual Skills and Vision Therapy in Education

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The Importance of Learning and Not Just Memorizing I personally couldn’t agree more with Natalie Portman’s quote, “I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful.” I love learning. I love reading articles and research papers on visual function, visual treatments, psychology, and neurology topics. I get so into articles and find them so interesting that […]